Задание 1 года обучения предполагает написание совместной книги.

Первый научный сборник или коллективная монография «Социально-политическая книга жалоб и предложений» должна состоять из исследовательских статей студентов и преподавателей Народного университета. Каждая статья или методическая разработка предполагает наличие, с одной стороны ве уродства и страдания от воздействия рыночных механизмов, а с другой стороны высказываются предложения и способы по ликвидации «гидры капитализма».

Жалобы предполагают материал из реальной жизни слушателей Народного университета по применению к ним методов насилия, обмана, оскорбления?

Анализ социально-политических конфликтов, связанных с проявлениями хамства, коррупции и мошенничества должен быть увязан с механизмами по решению представляемых социальных проблем.

Предложения социально-политических технологий должны убирать предпосылки зарождения психологических межличностных конфликтов в обществе. Например, через использование метода чтения духовной литературы как способ лечения от депрессии.

СКАЧАТЬ задание первого года обучения

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Teenage sensation Kylian Mbappe has written many positive headlines on the pitch, but a new Football Leaks report seemingly shows another side to the youngster, including details of his Paris Saint-Germain salary and other outrageous demands.The 19-year-old is currently the leading goalscorer in Europe's top five leagues after becoming one of the youngest players ever to sportsbet win the FIFA World Cup four months ago.He has often been portrayed as very humble, and Time magazine recently featured him on its cover as one its "Next Generation Leaders". However, German publication Der Spiegel has now shown another side to the up-and-coming superstar.Documents from whistleblower platform Football Leaks, which have been reviewed by the German publication together with its partners at the European Investigations Collaboration (EIC) show that he nearly signed for Real Madrid in 2017, but opted to join PSG because his father, Wilfried Mbappe, was worried about the competition up front at Los Blancos.The French giants paid €180 million (R2.9 billion) for the youngster after an initial one-year loan deal, and also gave in to his wage demands, which made the then 18-year-old one of the highest-paid players in France."In mid-August 2017, Kylian and Wilfrid Mbappe met with PSG sporting director Antero Henrique. They demanded a total of €55 million (R894 million): €5 million (R81 million) for the signing bonus and a €50 million (R812 million) salary for the duration of the five-year contract. Net," Der Spiegel reported.This calculates to an annual salary of €10 million sportsbet (R163 million) after deductions, which is 20 times the amount he was earning at Monaco at the time.However, the French side also rejected a number of outrageous demands from Mbappe and his representatives, who are believed to sportsbet have asked for a private jet to be available to the player for 50 hours per year.Another request was to automatically become the highest-paid player on PSG's payroll if he ever wins the coveted Ballon d'Or – meaning he would earn more than Neymar, who is currently the second highest-paid player in football with a reported annual salary (after deductions, but excluding sponsorship deals) of €36 million (R585 million).Mbappe's family reportedly also asked for monetary compensation should PSG be banned from the Champions League due to Financial Fair Play sanctions, and that his father be allowed to conduct additional training sessions with his son at PSG's facilities.